A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

And there's 113 pictures in this Flashcard set. Incredible!

So let's say that the pictures alone are worth 113,000 words. 

I am not sure how much a word costs, but on Wheel of Fortune a single vowel costs a contestant $250. For easy math then, let's just assume a word is worth twice as much as a vowel. Extremely controversial statement I know, because some think that a word is worth 10 times a vowel, some think that a vowel is equal to a word, and I won't even bring up the "I" saga. These are divided times indeed, but stay with me here. 

According to my Wheel of Fortune math, this means that a single box of SexyMnemonics Law is worth roughly $28,250,000! Not bad deal for you guys then. 

But let's talk about real worth. Passing the Bar Exam is worth a ton. It's a game changer, it's the bee's knees, it's the cat's pajamas. In my experience, it was essentially being handed a magic wand to walk around and help people do what they want to do in life. Law can be a very rewarding profession.

And honestly, I wouldn't trade passing the Bar Exam and being a lawyer for $28,250,000. Ok that's a lie. I would absolutely take the money and move to Tahiti, but then I would pass the Tahiti Bar Exam and wear shorts everyday. Classic loophole. 

Anyhow, check out some of our Flashcard pictures (illustrations) below. I hired a High School art teacher from the Philippines and he was able to make some extra money for his new family.

For the visual learner, I know that these pictures will help you pass the Bar Exam. Good luck chasing your dreams! 


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