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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Ambassador Program?

Our Ambassador program is a way for law students, Bar Exam preppers, individuals, influencers, bloggers and the "all-things-law" lovers out there to promote SexyMnemonics Law while making some money.

Wait ... Is it possible that I can make some money?

Yes, there is. You can become a SexyMnemonics Law Ambassador and sell these awesome flashcards to your fellow law students and social media and blog followers. You keep 20% of what you sell (before taxes and shipping), depending on total sales.  There are zero restrictions on how you spend all your new cash. It's your world out there - go crazy! 

Who Can Apply for the Ambassador Program?

Anyone can apply, but they will have to be approved to get into the program.

Generally speaking, we are looking for one Ambassador per law school or geographical area. The ideal Ambassador will be active on social media, have a natural salesperson attitude, and be involved in extra curricular school activities. But don't worry, we don't define what extra curricular school activities are. Also, being a good dancer (even if it's just simple hip swaying) is helpful for something.

What does the Application Process Entail? 

To be considered for the Ambassador program, you must apply via the correct link. After you fill out the application, an automatic questionnaire will be sent to you.

The questionnaire needs to be sent back to us, within 14 days of your application date. Every single question needs to be filled out, and if it does not apply to you, please put N/A.

We are so excited that you want to be considered for this program! 

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