The Greatest FAQ's Section Anywhere. Anywhere.

What are Mnemonics? 

It's been said many times, but mnemonics are life rafts in the middle of the Bar Exam Ocean. A mnemonic is a memory tool that helps regular folks remember large amounts of information. Mnemonics can take the form of a song, a rhyme, an acronym, an image, or a sentence that aid with the memorization of a list of elements in a certain order. Here, SexyMnemonics uses both sentences and images to memorize the black letter law. 

How are SexyMnemonics Flashcards Different From Other Flashcards?

Just like the perfect burger, it's all about the secret sauce. What separates these 4x6 flashcards from others (aka "the secret sauce") is that these mnemonic sentences contain themes such as sex, relationships, scandals and observational humor. And let's be honest, these "adult topics" have a better chance of being memorized by you, the student. What's more, we took those sentences and brought them to life by hiring an artist to create matching illustrations. And yes, this turned out as awesome as it sounds. This illustrative artwork particularly helps visual learners and is yet another way to memorize the Black Letter law and sentence mnemonics. We believe that you couldn't forget these flashcards if you tried ... and that's the point, right?

What do you mean by Sexy Adult Themes, Cheesy Jokes and Observational Humor?

Ok, let's jump right in. Here's a sample of the themes (actual words used in sexy law mnemonic sentences): sexy cowboys, puppies, amazing sex, rude flirting, aggressive flashing, affairs, obscene movies, virgins, cake abuse, naked sex, cabaret binging, pork ribs, hairy asses, Cancun, alibis, attorneys, tantrums, dungeons, dance marathons, zombies, orgasms, stubborn people, sexting, massage dens, cameras, acne, matching undergarments, mandatory abstinence, candles, drugs, masochists, and talent shows. Study like an adult indeed!

Why Are The Flashcards So Damn Sexy?

Whiskey happens. Also, we wanted to work with a quality paper source and print house to show off the quality product that we worked so hard to create. We think you will like the result.

What Inspired The Awesome Packaging?  

Chocolates! As I was in the process of designing packaging, my friend returned from an NYC vacation with some quality chocolates (La Maison Du Chocolat) and the idea struck me that the luxury chocolate box concept would make a great packaging design for educational flashcards. Why? Because you deserve something nice as you sacrifice while pursuing a dream.

Does Sexy Mnemonics Law include Civil Procedure?

Yes! Since the February 2015 bar exam was the first to test Civil Procedure in the MBE's, we are here to help out with the studying. I know, I know ... we are so good to you. Don't forget us in your Will.

How many Flashcards are there per Subject?

There are 113 flashcards in total, with the following breakdown:

Evidence - 18     Crimes - 13     Property - 20

Contracts - 14     Con Law - 15     Civil Procedure - 14

Each subject contains a Table of Contents flashcard and two "NUDES" flashcards for note taking.

How Often do you Update the Cards?

We revise and update the entire set once per calendar year, before the February bar exam season begins.

Wait ... Is it Possible that I can Make Some Money?

Yes, there is. You can become a SexyMnemonics Ambassador and sell these awesome flashcards to your fellow students and social media followers. You keep 20% of what you sell, depending on total sales. It's your world out there.

How Do I Become a SexyMnemonics Ambassador? 

We are looking for one Ambassador per law school or geographical area. The ideal Ambassador will be active on social media, have a natural salesperson attitude, and be involved in extra curricular school activities. Don't worry, we don't define what extra curricular school activities are. Also, being a good dancer is helpful for something.

Do You Offer Bulk or Discounted Pricing?

We offer discount, bulk pricing options for independent bookstores and law firms looking to reward their summer interns. These flashcards are lookers and would be a nice addition to any bookstore display table or shelf. Putting these into independent bookstores would be a dream come true. You don't want to hear about my other dreams ... just trust me on that.

How Quickly do you Process Orders?

We understand that you’re under a lot of stress and want your order as soon as possible.  Therefore, we try to ship every order within 24 hours. Sometimes it will take 48 hours, since we have important bosses and clients to work around. And thanks again for your order. We really mean that.

What Shipping Options are Available?

How about regular shipping? Kind of boring I know, but we were worn out after making the flashcards. Estimated delivery timelines will be based on USPS shipping from our warehouse/bar in Los Angeles, CA to your cozy starter Mansion. Also, tell your butler Jeeves that we said hello and to expect a package.

What is your Return Policy?

We think you’ll really like the SexyMnemonics Law cards. But if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return your cards for a refund within 7 days after you receive your order by contacting us at Returns must be unopened and unused.  You are responsible for shipping costs on the returned flashcards. We reserve the right to refuse any return.

Last question, what about the Nutrition Facts? 

OK, weird question.  However ... if you must know, these Flashcards are locally sourced, farm-raised, free-range, non-GMO, peanut-free, gluten-free, organic, all-natural, high in anti-oxidents, and wholegrain. But seriously, you should not eat these Flashcards and we are concerned if are considering it, because you might not be mentally ready for the Bar Exam. From a mental health perspective, we think these Flashcards will make you smile, make you laugh even, and make you feel confident in your Law School and Bar Exam journey. A healthy choice indeed!

Best of luck to you. We mean that.