Important Community Service Announcement

With SexyMnemonics Law Flashcards, I now get to work hard for an underrepresented, underserved minority community out there. I won't call myself a hero, but I also won't argue with you if you call me a hero. Humble. Incredible! 

Minority groups don't always have champions and leadership voices. They don't always have people looking out for their best interests, so it's important when people identify any minority group and serve them with passion. It's important to serve minority groups and I applaud anyone who spends their time doing so in any capacity. There are so many underrepresented minority groups out there and I'm not going to list them all here. 

However, there is one minority group that I want to give a voice to now and quite frankly it's long overdue. Especially in a civilized society. The minority group of course is Law Students That Want To Have Fun While Studying. Years ago I was a pre-law school student, went to law school for three years, and then studied for and passed the CA bar Exam. I can honesty say that nobody fought for me with interesting study aids. Nobody created a fun law study tool while I was staying home on long Friday nights while my friends were out having fun chasing after guys and gals. Nobody marched. I never once smiled or silently chuckled and wistfully shook my head while reading a silly mnemonic. Not a once. Tragic!

I constantly went to battle alone against legal exams without having any fun. My only weapons were boring, same ol' black and white outlines and big box corporate study aids. Yeah I remember receiving quiet and knowing glances from other students who wanted to Spice Up Their Study Life, or Have Fun While Studying, or Study Like an Adult. But there was no chance back then for us. It was a different world and it wasn't fun suffering in silence with those boring Legal Study Aids. But that world has changed with SexyMnemonics Law and I couldn't be happier.  Here's my Own Story about the revolution:

I always knew that one day I'd provide a voice for the voiceless and I have been doing that thanks to your purchases. You inspire me to continue doing what I'm doing. Let's all raise each other up and please remember that law students who want to have fun while studying are law students too and that they also have the same rights as other law students to be stressed out and rich.  

As a side note, I also contribute a portion of the profits from my sales to two great organizations:

Good luck out there!  

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