Congratulations If You Didn't Pass the Bar Exam

Recently a lot of law students received some awsome news about their Bar Exam results, and I want to go on record and scream Congratulations ... to those students who didn't pass! 

Seriously, I mean it. CONGRATULATIONS to the non-passers.

This means that you have to earn it twice. That you have to get yourself back off the mat after that brutal gut punch. That you get to cry and live through some short term pain. That you have to look people in the face who don't understand how stressful the Bar Exam is and tell them that you didn't pass. Sure you'll have to dust off those study books that you hoped you could light on fire. But not passing means that you have to deal with adversity. And most importantly, it means that you'll have to recommit to yourself that you want to be a lawyer so bad that you can taste it and are even willing to put yourself through the awful experience of having to study again for an exam that you're not guaranteed to pass. 

First time Bar Exam passers won't get to experience all these beneficial feelings, so when you meet them out in the wild, please pass along your deepest sympathetic condolences. And if you meet someone who didn't pass the Bar Exam, tell them Congratulations for their good fortune. Because their future victory is going to be sooooo sweet. Like warm apple pie.     


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