The Museum of Failure

I have talked about failure before. Here, most recently in fact.

The Failure Museum, currently on exhibit in Hollywood, was an interesting experience. It is a reminder that failure is ok, that it happens all the time, to everyone. Especially if you are trying to create something different and/or strive for greatness. 

Failing at something stings your pride. It sucks. It makes you want to eat something regrettable like a whole pizza (this is actually the best part about failing but I digress). Failure makes you wanna cry and question why it happens to good people. And most of the time, there aren't any good answers. But once the dust settles, and you approach the failure with an open honest mind, you will learn from the experience. You will learn what you can do differently the next time around. 

Failing the Bar Exam or a big Law School Exam is a better option than failing other things. The reason is that you actually get feedback on why or how you failed the Bar Exam (even if you disagree with the ruling). This way, you can take your experience from the last exam, and focus on your weak areas.

More criminal law multiple choice. More mnemonics memorization. Less family drama before the Exam. More Property essay issue spotting. A better night sleep. Buy some SexyMnemonics Law. Etcera Etcera. Game plan and dominate.  

And who knows ... if I learned one thing at the Failure Museum, it was that if you fail enough times, YOU can become a President. Of the United States. So keep failing I guess ?? 



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