SML is a True Family Business Now

Corporate Announcement: Available for Immediate Release:

You create a product. Then you sell the product and have to ship the product. It's all fun really. There was nothing I enjoyed more than walking to the local post office with boxes of a product that I created after passing the Bar Exam and shipping them to future lawyers in New York, Michigan, Texas, Washington and Alabama. But then the orders begin piling up, shipments need to be fullfilled within 24 hours, all while the law firm clients are calling with their own demands and local running trails need to be ran. At this point, you could call Amazon or another fullfillment center and say help, or just keep juggling responsibilities until you pass out in the bourbon bottle.

Enter my solution and secret weapon: My Mom. 

That's right. I hired my Mom as the VP of Customer Relations. It just made too much sense. She's always supported my "interesting" goals and business projects. She's responsible, caring and fun. She loves people, believes in the power of education, and is motivated to help law students reach their potential. In short, she's exactly the type of person I want to partner with on my SexyMnemonics Law Flashcards and keep this business a true "family business" business. Please welcome her to the company and expect to see her at the local Post Office taking care of business (and in Instagram stories!). 

Financial details of this arrangement are not readily available at this time.  


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