Girl Scout Cookie Curse is Over. Sky is the Limit

Wow what a difference a year makes. 

I reached a personal low in February 2017 and I'm finally able to talk about it. I had always heard about the Girl Scout Cookie Curse. Mostly nervous whispers in passing at motorcycle conventions and illegal poker rooms, but I had definitely heard something. 

Last year I walked out of the bookstore and there they were. About 6 girl scouts selling cookies and I was in a mood. On the way into the store, I had already made up my mind that I wasn't going to buy cookies, that these cookies cost too much, that I wasn't going to be pressured by vests and buttons. And so I walked smugly by, pretending to be on my headphones unaware of the current situation, all the way to my car. As I sat in my car about to pat my back, an older gentleman (think Morgan Freeman) knocked on my window. He had a gleam in his eye and a box of GS cookies in his hands. He then said and I quote "Would you like my box of girl scout cookies. You see, I can't eat them because of my diabetes, but those girls are so darn cute and I sure love supporting them, don't you"

Whoooo boy, that was tough to type. That was probably tougher to read. That shame pie kept me full for two days. I didn't even have the heart to eat the entire box of free Tagalongs courtesy of Morgan Freeman. And as predicted, I could feel the Girl Scout Cookie Curse start to kick in shortly afterwards and it kicked all year long.      

Not gonna lie, last year was pretty rough. Sure I sold lots of SexyMnemonics Law Flashcards. And sure I received lots of awsome reviews from students who passed their law exams using SexyMnemonics Law. And sure I smoked cigars in Cuba and jumped off a boat in Croatia, but there was always a black shame cloud above me, and a large monkey on my back. I knew I needed to take a hard look in the mirror and get better at life. Well, that dark cloud of monkeys finally blew away today. 

Because today I walked out of that same bookstore and purchased a box of GS Cookies from a group of girl scouts. Toffee-Tastics, if you must know. Yes I bought the premium box ($6 vs. $5) and tipped $1 for the excellent service. High fives all around. Inspiration City. Cloud gone. I can't imagine what's in store for the rest of 2018 but it is going to be epic. Sky is the limit.     

I tell this inspirational story to remind you, the future lawyer, that a year can really make all the difference. You can be sitting on the couch unemployed watching The Office and then the next year pass the Bar Exam and be a lawyer wearing fancy shoes. IT CAN HAPPEN. I mean look at my example above and how I turned shame and curses into inspiration and inner peace. My point is that next year is gonna happen for you anyhow, so just imagine how much better life will be when you pass the Bar Exam (or your law school exams).

I want to live in a world where you can buy SexyMnemonics Law Flashcards, pass the Bar Exam and then buy 10 boxes of girl scout cookies for each loved one of yours. And don't worry about sending one to me, I've learned my lesson already.   

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