Group Studying in Law School is Now a Thing

Group studying in law school is back in a major way.

Obviously we all studied in groups when we were five years old and crushed those naps and coloring assignments together. And then for most students, the group studying cooperation eventually stops as it slowly becomes the law of the jungle and its every jaguar for its jaguar self. 

For myself I remember somewhere between first year law school orientation and the practice midterm, we started to study by ourselves. Maybe it was just me. Maybe it was the competition between law students. I know that some schools cut the bottom 10% of the class. Maybe it's all the stress and the quiet cold libraries. Maybe it's because law school attracts absolute killers who like to do things there own way and use their own studying methods to climb the highest mountains. I get all that.  

In any event, it's been every man, woman or jaguar for themselves ever since. But not anymore apparently. To be honest, group studying wasn't even my main motivation for creating these Flashcards, but here we are and we've designed the best Law School study aid that can be shared in study groups and makes studying together kinda fun. We are receiving reviews from law students that are using our Flashcards with other law students and enjoying the Mnemonics process and study camaraderie. We have recently had law school study groups of 4 and 5 students buy flashcards sets for the whole group to enjoy and learn together. And that just makes me giddy!

For this reason, we created promo code: groupstudySML for all the group studying needs out there. And remember, everything is better with a partner. Hope everyone had a safe summer and welcome back to school. 



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