Is It Possible That We Could Be Best Friends?


I haven't felt this comfortable about finding best friends since the third grade and all you needed back then was the mutual love of orange soda and doritos. 

When I created SexyMnemonics Law it was because I realized that dry material didn't have to be dry. That there are alternative ways to learn. That you don't have to accept the same old boring techniques to pass law exams. That you can have a few laughs (or at least smile) while studying hard when you'd rather be at the local pub. That I could help others dominate the world. But I never realized that I could make new best friends everywhere. 

You see, here's a random recent shipping list of SexyMnemonics Law: 

Philadelphia Pennsylvania. York Pennsylvania. Port Washington New York. Charlotte North Carolina. Raleigh North Carolina. Philadelphia Pennsylvania (again!). Lodi New Jersey. Fort Collins Colorado. Kansas City Missouri. San Francisco California. Helena Alabama.  

And I know for sure that I could be friends with everyone on this list. Maybe even best friends. Incredible.

Think about it. We have law school in common. We have mnemonics in common. We want to pass exams and have fun. We want a lawyer job. We have a good sense of humor in common and appreciate clever word play. We look for every edge when it comes to a difficult task. And I would bet a whole chicken that we probably have great hair and sparkling personalities in common too.  

Best friend material indeed, right? I can't wait to do best friend stuff with everyone out there. With orange soda (or whiskey) of course. 

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