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Mnemonics Are Freakin' Awsome! 

I was reading Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins this morning and two things struck me. 

One, Tony (can I call you Tony?) is still one handsome man with a helluva smile.

Two, Tony, through his powerful books and seminars, has transformed and inspired many of the most influential movers and shakers out there. One of these business leaders is Marc Benioff, who started, a software enterprise company valued at over 35 billion. Marc (can I call you Marc?) applied Tony's principles and strategies and created a groundbreaking MNEMONIC for his business way of life. The mnemonic that Marc created is called VVMOM or V2MOM. Let's break this down.

V - Vision - What do I really want?
V - Values - What is important about it?
M - Methods - How will I get it?
O - Obstacles - What is preventing me from having it?
M - Measurements - How will I know I am successful?

This is a useful mnemonic for all business creators out there. Truly powerful stuff and you should use this tool to guide your life and business pursuits. Now let's talk about MNEMNOCs in general.

For all areas of your life, MNEMONICs can be applied to memorize and conquer exams. Here at Sexy Mnemonics, we have created a study guide utilizing the most important legal MNEMONICs to help you be successful in law school and the Bar Exam. You'll be smiling like Tony Robbins in no time. 

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Best of luck out there!

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