The Six Step Study Method (SML)

So we've had some recent questions about our Instagram hashtag #studylikeanadult and what exactly it means and why we use it as a company tagline. Well, first of all, it's because we think adults should be adults and this applies to law school and studying. Which is why our Mnemonics have adult themes and observational life/dating humor which in turn can be more easily memorized than the existing boring Bar Exam study aids. 

And second of all, I asked our illustrator to draw a Six Step Study Method guide for how you can use our SexyMnemonics Law flashcards at home. But please consult with your doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to study with our Flashcards. They are alternative, effective and sexy. 


1. Put on some sexy clothing (old loose sweatpants)

2. Find a comfortable seat (hard wooden chairs)

3. Pour a couple classy strong drinks (double espressos)

4. Put on some mood lighting (extra bright lamps)

5. Set the mood further with some romantic music (classical for focused studying) 

6. Work vigorously together until you pass out in a wild position (at the dining table studying, of course)

As always, please study responsibly. And good luck becoming lawyers. I believe in you! 



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