There's Always a Better Way To Do Something That Sucks

After eating and drinking in Croatia, we took a road trip down the beautiful coast and decided to drive from Croatia to Montenegro to Bosnia. Incredible. Eating a fresh cheese pastry, music playing, driving a new VW Golf (fun!), a beautiful beach or mountain view around every corner. Everything was going great until we hit a dreaded border crossing. 

It was a crawl. And by crawl we are talking a 4 month old crawling. Zero thigh muscle strength. Hundreds of cars in a line, communist era efficiency in effect. Brutal. But then I noticed locals doing something very interesting. And it seemed like every car was doing it too.

A car would move like 10 feet and then a couple passengers would get out of the car and start walking or standing along the sea of parked cars. Some stretched, some chatted, some drank something, some smoked a cigarette, some peed in the bushes, some did all of that at the same time. Incredible. Then a few minutes later when the cars would crawl forward by another 10 feet, one guy would jump back into the car, drive and then get out again. More chatting, more smoking, more drinking, more peeing. 

It got me thinking. There's Always a Better Way to Do Something That Sucks. Whether it's a long border crossing, or studying for Law School or taking the Bar Exam.

You've seen the same ol' boring bar exam prep products out there on the market. Those study tools are the equivalent of sitting in your hot car, endlessly waiting in a long line at a border crossing. And that's why I created SexyMnemonics Law. For the visual learners out there that want to have some fun while studying. SexyMnemonics Law has the essential black letter law, but also creative illustrations and mnemonics that are memorizable and make you smile. Our Flashcards are basically more chatting, more smoking, more drinking, more peeing. A better way to study (and cross the border) indeed.

And after you pass the Bar Exam, I recommend a coastal road trip to celebrate. Enjoy!  

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  • Gene Colombini

    If I buy Sexy mnemonics, do I get hard copy flash cards delivered to my address or is it only on line?

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