What Law School is Really About

Hint: it's not really about Bar mixers, driving a BMW or becoming blind from reading case law. Although it is these things also. 

Law School success - and what law school is really about - is learning how to synthesize massive amounts of information into memorizable, ready-at-a-moment's-notice prepackaged chunks of information. It's a brain transformation process that is seen as a valuable commodity in society to serve and help people with complex issues. 

Synthesizing is the game and here's what it looks like: To put it simply, you start with a 600 page legal textbook and sixteen weeks of lecture notes, turn all of that into a 50 page outline, chisel that down to a 10 page outline a few weeks before Final Exams, grind that down further into a super mean (and lean) 2 page outline with flowcharts and issue spotting checklists that you stare at endlessly on exam day while drinking too much espresso and trying to stay calm. At the end of the day, all that grinding down and synthesizing of information leaves you with a fine powder of critical legal knowledge.

In essence, that's what SexyMnemonics Law is. A fine powder blend of exotic spices and rich sugars that gets sprinkled onto your favorite law school exam dish. Or, if you are into "extra virgin chili oil being lightly drizzled" metaphors (and why wouldn't you be), we are down with that too. 

This is the essence of SexyMnemonics Law.

Our Flashcards simplify the exam preparation by providing you with the critical black letter law you need to know in a manner that will help you memorize and make sense of the myriad rules tested on your law exams. And if you can laugh at some common relationship humor and think about sex at the same time, well ... we consider this an absolute bonus! 

Here at SexyMnemonics Law, we believe in safe studying. Please consult a doctor before proceeding with SexyMnemonics Law if you do not think you are healthy enough for studying law school topics.    


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